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#5 Privet Drive is an interactive board originally based on all things Harry Potter. However, over the years this board has evolved into a close network of family and friends. Discussions have expanded and grown to include current tv shows, movies, music, books, Anime, politics, RPG's, and fan fiction. Favorite topics include: The Twilight Saga, Supernatural, Smallville, Fringe and many more. We host occasional board-wide competitions. Why not join our friendly community!

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Posting at Privet Drive. Love to scrapbook and am currently working on one for each of my sons. Playing Zelda with Nick while Joey and I are working on StarFox.

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    u should check out the CW forum,

    new baddie in Smallville!


    Reply from DefinitelyCharmed:

    OI! I have not even watched the season finalé yet!

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